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The Reggio Emilia philosophy focuses on the development of the whole child and encourages children to be active participants in their learning. 


Learning Without Tears is multi-sensory curriculum designed to give all children a sense of challenge and accomplishment.This provides more pathways for them to acquire and retain knowledge easily and effectively. 


Children will also be encouraged to use their creativity and imagination in the areas of science (especially nature), technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. 



Infants learn about God's world through exploration and they want to interact with their surroundings. We provide many opportunities for infants to explore their world. You will not find any bouncers, swings, or jumpers in our learning center. We want infants to have the freedom to explore and view the world through open-ended materials.


Toddlers have tremendous growth in their independence, communication, and social/emotional skills. Our goal is to provide them with many opportunities for problem solving, creativity, and developing their self-awareness. Teachers use verbal prompting and modeling to provide toddlers with adequate language to begin effective communication. 


Preschoolers are provided with an environment where they can expand on problem solving,  creativity, literacy, numeracy, communication and peer relationships. Our preschoolers learn through an emergent curriculum, which is based on the interests and needs of the children. The teachers are facilitators for learning, where they provide materials and opportunities for children to explore based on their observations and documentation of the children.  



Your peace of mind is a top priority. Here are safety features we have in our building: 

  • Hi-def security cameras
  • Secure entry/foyer 
  • Automated check-in system through Brightwheel - the award winning app
  • Emergency Exits in each room


We were fortunate enough to design the building to best fit our vision. Our building includes:

  • 6 classrooms
  • Bathrooms in each classroom
  • Kitchen / Dining Area
  • Indoor Multipurpose Space 


What exactly is a natural playground? 

It is using the natural landscape and carefully chosen natural materials, structures, and features to create age-appropriate opportunities to explore the natural world.